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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Informatics in Primary Care vol. 13 no. 3 November 2005

Informatics in Primary Care vol. 13 no. 3 November 2005

The latest edition of the journal Informatics in Primary Care has just been published. It includes the following articles;

TI: Is the time right for direct entry into a career in health and biomedical informatics?
AU: de Lusignan, Simon; Ellis, Beverley

TI: A real-time, mobile phone-based telemedicine system to support young adults with type 1 diabetes
AU: Farmer, Andrew; Gibson, Oliver; Hayton, Paul; Bryden, Kathryn; Dudley, Christina; Neil, Andrew; Tarassenko, Lionel

TI: Designing and implementing an electronic health record system in primary care practice in sub-Saharan Africa: a case study from Cameroon
AU: Kamadjeu, Raoul M.; Tapang, Euloge M.; Moluh, Roland N.

TI: The implementation of electronic services: planned or organic growth?
AU: Cole, John; Colledge, Malcolm; Megaw, Tony; Powls, Martin; Bullock, Seth; Keen, Justin

TI: Pandora's electronic box: GPs reflect upon email communication with their patients
AU: Goodyear-Smith, Felicity; Wearn, Andy; Everts, Hans; Huggard, Peter; Halliwell, Joan

TI: Development of functional requirements for electronic health communication: preliminary results from the ELIN project
AU: Christensen, Tom; Grimsmo, Anders

TI: Randomised studies in general practice: how to integrate the electronic patient record
AU: Mosis, Georgio; Koes, Bart; Dieleman, Jeanne; Ch Stricker, Bruno; van der Lei, Johan; Sturkenboom, Miriam C.J.M.

TI: INRstar: computerised decision support software for anticoagulation management in primary care
AU: Jones, Robert Treharne; Sullivan, Mark; Barrett, David

TI: Links between systems in Accident & Emergency and primary care
AU: Harrop, Nick

TI: The National Alliance for Primary Care Informatics: an update
AU: Bates, David W.

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