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Friday, November 04, 2005

Health Informatics Journal -- December 1 2005, 11 [4]

Health Informatics Journal -- Table of Contents (December 1 2005, 11 [4])

The latest issue of the Health Informatics Journal has just been published. It includes:

A handheld chemotherapy symptom management system: results from a preliminary outpatient field trial
Marilyn Rose McGee and Phil Gray
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 243-258

The operationalization of race and ethnicity concepts in medical classification systems: issues of validity and utility
Peter J. Aspinall
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 259-274

Development of ACROSSnet: an online support system for rural and remote community suicide prevention workers in Queensland, Australia
Danielle L. Penn, Lyn Simpson, Gavin Edie, Susan Leggett, Leanne Wood, Jacinta Hawgood, Karolina Krysinska, Peter Yellowlees, and Diego De Leo
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 275-293

Current trends in publicly available genetic databases
Michael G. Tyshenko and William Leiss
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 295-308

Economic analyses for ICT in elderly healthcare: questions and challenges
Vivian Vimarlund and Nils-Goran Olve
Health Informatics Journal 2005;11 309-321

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