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Thursday, December 15, 2005

E-Learning in Nursing - new book

E-Learning in Nursing. Sally Glen and Pam Moule (Eds) :

This new book to be published by Palgrave in May 2006 provides some interesting challenges which contribute to the theory and practice of the use of elearning in nurse education.

I should declare a bias as I co-authored one of the chapters.


Distance-learning has always been important in nursing and recent health policy initiatives have identified IT as key to professional development. However, to date there has been little written on e-learning specifically from a nursing perspective. This latest addition to the Nurse Education in Practice series supports nursing and healthcare lecturers and facilitators as they develop and deliver e-learning courses. It discusses both theory and practice, and will contribute to the debate about e-learning's future within the healthcare spectrum.


E-Learning in Nursing Education: The Context; S.Glen & H.Cox
Application of New Technologies to Nurse Education; S.Gulati
E-Communities; P.Moule
Developing E-Learning Materials; P.R.Jeffries
Facilitating Work Based Learning Online; S.Gomez & D.Lush
Facilitating Access to Online Learning; M.Gilchrist & R.Ward
Assessment and Evaluation; N.Eaton & P.Moule
E-Learning in Nursing Education: Incremental Not Revolutionary Change?; S.Glen

This book can be pre ordered from Amazon:

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