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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Long-Term Telecare at Home

Long-Term Telecare at Home

Interesting view from the US in this newsletter about how developments in the UK are leading the way in home telecare - and how the NHS system paid for by central taxation provides opportunities and benefits, which have yet to be taken up in the US.

It includes items on:

# A range of “social alarm” tools for helping elderly residents live safely and independently at home. Among these tools are sensors placed on stoves and water valves to alert the elderly when gas or water has been left on. Details about today’s tele-tools, UK style, are provided in the Telecare Tools segment.
# Connectivity linking the alarm devices’ elderly owners with a range of technical personnel and colleagues/friends to assist. The “how to” and “why do” issues of telecare use today are described by an expert closely involved in telecare device development and use, in the Telecare Workshop segment.
# Social service management at all levels of need. A range of adult social service workers are involved with matching assistive technology with need and risk level of elderly clients who live at home. An Expert Panel of 3 persons active today in the UK telecare community provides details on connectivity and communications opportunities to enhance elderly persons’ daily lives and sense of well being, in our Look Homeward installment.

This positive picture seems to conflict with a recent survey for the Telecare Alliance about council adopting telecare policies which concluded: "Overall, the alliance concludes that only a quarter of the total number of councils have put in place plans to introduce telecare and, of those, most have not considered the strategic issues in a comprehensive way."

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