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Friday, December 02, 2005

NHS Connecting for Health deal with Novell

The CfH website has a press release about NHS Connecting for Health having negotiated a new £21.8m agreement with infrastructure and software services supplier Novell. It says that 'the new agreement will save the NHS up to £75 million over three years compared to previous arrangements' and that it 'reduces the barriers for the NHS in using Open Source, as it secures access to an enterprise class Open Source platform along with, more importantly, affordable support, maintenance and training to help our NHS staff make the transition'.

Further details on the agreement and comments from Richard Granger can be found at:

What this will actually mean in practice remains to be seen; the release has little real detail and seems to be pure marketing-speak.

Thanks to David Lane (as opposed to the CfH Communications Team, who seem very poor at doing any communications) for pointing out this news.

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