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Thursday, November 24, 2005

A shock in store for government culture

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | A shock in store for government culture

Yesterday's Society Guardian carried an epublic suplement which was all very interesting, and I was particularly impressed with the article by Michael Cross "A shock in store for government culture" which provides a cogent description of the direction of travel for government/public sector IT in the UK.

A lot of the comment is based on Transformational Government - Enabled by Technology, released earlier this month by the governments' Chief Information Officers Council who highlight supporting strategic areas:
* Transformational Government – the strategy for using IT to transform government and to deliver modern public services more effectively
* Shared Services – how government and the wider public sector can achieve significant savings and increase effectiveness by modernising the provision of corporate services
* Government IT Profession – bringing together IT professionals to create a joined up, government-wide IT profession
* Delivering Success – providing improved leadership to IT enabled business change programmes, and development opportunities to IT professionals in the public sector

Examples are given in the article from the NHS National Programme for IT and the Criminal Justice System of current developments, suggesting government IT is getting better, and pushing for the removal of the "Silo culture" to provide joined up services. Some of the work required to achieve this including; encouraging citizens to use egovernment channels, routine sharing of personal data, electronic identity management and increased professionalism in the IT workforce, are touched on, but some of these may also turn out to be major barriers to future implementation.

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