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Sunday, November 20, 2005

BCS Thought Leadership Debate - Open Access

BCS Thought Leadership Debate - Open Access

A recent BCS Thought Leadership Debate discussed the future role of learned society in academic publishing.

This issue has been discussed at the highest level by Governments, funding bodies and research organisations.

Many organisations are mandating or requesting deposit of papers in subject or institutional repositories. There is also increasing experimentation with ‘author-pay’ journals.

Many of these discussions have identified a role for Learned Societies in the open access environment; however Learned Societies themselves have not yet discussed what this role should be.

The paper available from the BCS summarises and reports on the issues.

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  • An interesting article in today's Guardian newspaper: see:,,1649800,00.html

    wherein the Royal Society seems to come out against it, or at least not enthusiastic. The Guardian report says 'The Royal Society today published a position statement urging caution against radical reform, in a move which will anger academics and universities who have been pushing for a replacement to the current costly system.'

    Interestingly, the Guardian notes 'Their argument focuses on the impact open-access publishing could have on learned societies' publications.' - so, maybe simply trying to protect their (the Royal Society's) income stream? - whoops, there goes my invite to be a member ;-))

    Peter Murray

    By Peter, at 2:54 PM  

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