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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Health Report: 14 November 2005 - Healthcare Knowledge

The Health Report: 14 November 2005 - Healthcare Knowledge

Interesting transcript of a radio interview with Dr Muir Gray, Director of Clinical Knowledge for the British National Health Service, and Dr Enrico Coeira, Professor of Medical Informatics at the University of New South Wales. The interview by Norman Swan was broadcast on Monday 14 November 2005 and highlights some interesting issues.

Laura Tucker has identified some favourite quotes on the Lis-Medical mailing list:

Muir Gray: Knowledge is like water, clinicians and professionals and patients need clean clear water for good health. They also need clean clear knowledge. And we see the whole knowledge business like water - wherever you are you should be sure that the knowledge you're getting as a patient and the knowledge your doctor or nurse is getting is clean and clear.

Enrico Coeira: This is a very interesting issue, people think just by providing technology it's going to change behaviour and what we've found is that what determines the use of evidence in these hospitals has everything to do with the culture of the hospital. So, if there is a belief by the senior staff that looking up and finding out what the right thing to do is promulgated across the staff then people will do that. And in places where people think they know the answer then they won't do it. So providing the evidence and finding the web connection is great, it's certainly a necessary part of the story but we also are talking about culture change across the clinical professions.

Enrico Coeira: To actually do a good search on Medline you have to be a biomedical librarian. (!)

The whole article raises some interesting points about the quality of scientific knowledge, specifically related to the Cochrane Collaboration, peer review in the journals and the speed and format of information transmission. Some potential areas of rurther work and collaboration in information sharing between the UK and Australia.

The transcript has triggered some firther debate on the Lis-Medical mailing list

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