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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Health Information & Libraries J, Vol 22, Issue s2: Table of Contents

Health Information & Libraries J, Vol 22, Issue s2: Table of Contents

The latest edition of this journal has just been published with some interesting articles including:

Studying health information from a distance: refining an e-learning case study in the crucible of student evaluation
Andrew Booth, Philippa Levy, Peter A. Bath, Terence Lacey, Mark Sanderson, Gabi Diercks-O'Brien

Effective e-learning for health professionals and students-barriers and their solutions. A systematic review of the literature-findings from the
HeXL project
Sue Childs, Elizabeth Blenkinsopp, Amanda Hall, Graham Walton

A strategic approach to developing e-learning capability for healthcare
Angie Clarke, Dina Lewis, Ian Cole, Liz Ringrose

Healthcare librarians and learner support: a review of competences and methods
Lyn Robinson, Julia Hilger-Ellis, Liz Osborne, Jane Rowlands, Janet M. Smith, Anne Weist, June Whetherly, Ray Phillips

Using mobile technologies to give health students access to learning resources in the UK community setting
Graham Walton, Susan Childs, Elizabeth Blenkinsopp

Implementation of e-learning and the teaching hospital: a local perspective
Amanda Beaumont

Learning and teaching resource discovery in the Health and Life Sciences-partnership and interoperability
Donald M. Mackay, Suzanne Hardy

E-learning in the common learning curriculum for health and social care professionals: information literacy and the library
Debra Morris

A little e-learning can go a long way in transforming a traditional print-based distance learning course: a case study at the UK's Open
Gill Needham, Judy Thomas

e-FOLIO: using e-learning to learn about e-learning
Anthea Sutton, Andrew Booth, Lynda Ayiku, Alan O'Rourke

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