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Monday, January 16, 2006

NHS C4H Update on Recent Service Issues

Update on Recent Service Issues - NHS Connecting for Health:

NHS Connecting for Health has today released a statement about interuptions to national services over the last few weeks which have been reported by E-Health Insider and Michael Cross in the Guardian amongst others.

It starts by reiterating the size and complexity of providing the "National Spine" and some of the services and then by explaining the need for updates, to improve privacy and protect patient confidentiality.

It appears to highlight problems with specific software which, presumably, wasn't tested adequately before being installed, and possibly still ins't resolved:
"It is regrettable that our suppliers were unable to maintain full availability without interruption during the integration of the multiple systems that took place following the upgrade. It is also regrettable that the solutions do not yet appear to meet the exacting standards we require for systems to support continuous working 24 hours a day and seven days a week."

It also includes the statement:

"As a result of this experience we will be seeking further assurance from our suppliers over how they intend to make their systems more robust and how in future we all ensure their systems interface with each other seamlessly."

If this does happen then it will be positve - with problems being experienced before the majority of records are uploaded to the spine, however it has been a very public "problem" for Connecting for Health, and may have affected the views of clinicans and other staff towards the programme.

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