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Monday, January 09, 2006

Patient data errors created by iSoft's iPM system

Patient data errors created by iSoft's iPM system

E-Health Insider is reporting that "A flaw has been identified in the iSoft iPM patient administration system being provided as the standard solution to NHS trusts in the North West and West Midlands that can corrupt patient data creating suspected clinical risks to patients" supported by an email from an e-mail from the NPfIT regional implementation director Paul Charnley. The documents state that patient data may be incorrectly displayed and recorded to the patient's record if what should be routine functions are used – either clicking the Referral View icon or Referral View option from the Context Screen of iPM.

If the errors highlighted are found to be replicated more widely the potential risks of misidentification and clinical care being based on someone else's data are extremely worrying.

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