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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Elgg, social software, e-learning and health informatics

Elgg (see is 'an open source learning lanscape' and provides a set of tools for exploring the development of online education and e-learning from a social networking perspective. The idea is to 'connect learners, instructors and resources creating communities of learning' and provides a hybrid of weblogging, e-portfolios and social networking.

Several of 'usual suspects' from this blog and various other ventures are exploring its use. The start of an Elgg health informatics community has been developed, although at present contains little material. If you are intersted in exploring the potential, sign up with Elgg for a free account and then join the Health Informatics Community.

One question that I asked was 'how is this different from Moodle? - what more or different soes it offer?'. There is a short explanation of this at and a link to a longer paper on social networking and distance education. In addition, it seems there is ongoing work to explore an integration of Elgg and Moodle.

Peter Murray (

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  • Rod,
    Thanks for adding my blog "Future Health IT" to your roll.

    I have taken a quick look at the Elgg site. The idea is interesting and I may have a go.

    Might it suffer as a consequence of its (what seems to me) rather loose focus? Or do you think that is a strength?

    By Colin Jervis, Kinetic Consulting, at 11:11 AM  

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