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Thursday, December 22, 2005

BCS Health Informatics groups

The BCS SW Health Informatics group has recently become active again and will be concentrating on getting meetings focussing on health informatics content.

The first of these will be a webcast by Peter Drury on Friday January 27th from 1-2pm. Peter's interactive live presentation will be webcast to any Internet connected computer but of course we would like your help to ensure a good 'turn out' from the South West. His presentation is entitled
"eHealth: developing the agenda in developing countries"

Many of you will know Peter who has Head of the DH Information Policy Unit for a number of years. His current job title is "Developing eHealth Connections in Kenya Programme Manager".

To access this live webcast on January 27th, you will need to go to this page

For further information (& to join & get involved in activites) contact:
Ray Jones
Acting Chair BCS SW Health Informatics group
Faculty Of Health And Social Work, University of Plymouth
Block C, Floor 5
Portland Square Building
University of Plymouth
Drake Circus
Plymouth PL4 8AA
United Kingdom

Another new group which may be of interest and has recently been formed is the BCS Health Informatics Interactive Care Specialist Group which aims to:

* be concerned with the interactive application of ICT and related technologies in the delivery of health (and related social) care;
* focus on the application of the technologies rather than on the technologies themselves;
* improve the communication of the good news about successful applications of interactive care;
* provide a forum to present and discuss specific applications, run multi-disciplinary workshops and arrange site visits for demonstrations of successful applications and good practice;
* be inclusive and attract many healthcare professionals who have a limited (or no specific) interest in ICT as well as involved clinicians and Health Informatics professionals.

For further information on this group contact Keith Clough

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