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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Worries about Cerner Millenium implementation

Does Cerner Millennium kill children? I don't think so. (HIStalk)

This post on the HIStalk blog, is based on a paper by Yong Y. Han, Joseph A. Carcillo,,§, Shekhar T. Venkataraman, §, Robert S.B. Clark, R. Scott Watson, Trung C. Nguyen, Hülya Bayir, and Richard A. Orr, published in Pediatrics Vol. 116 No. 6 December 2005, pp. 1506-1512 Unexpected Increased Mortality After Implementation of a Commercially Sold Computerized Physician Order Entry System, has caused some controversy in Healthcare IT online community.

The post analyses some of the methodology and results presented in the article which showed a correlation (but not necessarily a causative relationship) between increased child deaths and the introduction of Cerner Millenium software in a US hospital, and speculates about software usability and implementation issues as possible causes.

Lets hope that similar studies are going to be conducted as this software is introduced for the Southern Cluster in the UK, by NHS Connecting for Health as part of the National Programme for IT - and that the UK studies don't show the same results as those in the USA.

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