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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google health? - or medicine?

An interesting idea is reported in Health-IT World (see It reports the suggestion that 'Google should consider creating a medical portal. Call it Google Medicine; design an interface with medical filters and better algorithms; lead to the best evidence (just don't forget to consult with librarians about where the evidence is located). This kind of all-purpose tool is badly needed in medicine, particularly for developing countries.'

The idea is originally put forward in a BMJ editorial ( over the Christmas period and draws comparisons with the successes (and problems) of Google Scholar.

An interesting idea that merits at least some discussion.

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  • This has been discussed at great length on LIS-MEDICAL the medical librarians mailing list since Nov 2004.
    Start at & follow next in thread.

    Google Scholar does offer an interesting service (& a clean interface) however the deals they have struck with publishers for access to abstracts which would normallyrequire a subscription, does bias the selection & ranking of articles.
    The role of the librarian has been evolving for a long time & now includes advice & guidance on using a range of electronic sources, and creating them.

    By Rod, at 9:20 PM  

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