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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Nurses & NHS IT developments

Speaking Up - Nurses and NHS IT developments - Qualitative analysis results of an online survey by on behalf of the Royal College of Nursing

This report has just been published providing a qualitative analysis of an online questionaire carried for the RCN by at the beginning of the year (quantiative results have previously been published).

The respondants want:
An integrated electronic clinical record
to be able to share information with their colleagues in other disciplines and in other organisations, securely and appropriately.
Expert nursing involvement in the design and implementation of the new systems
Appropriate training
Equity in access to information technology.
Standardisation of systems across the NHS
Equity of access to knowledge based systems

Concerns included:
Poorly designed systems
Security and confidentiality
Clear accountability for records

The full report shows the profile of respondants and an analysis of their comments on the questionairre.


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