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Thursday, February 16, 2006

'Frequent flyers' costing NHS £2.3bn a year | Society | 'Frequent flyers' costing NHS £2.3bn a year

An interesting report on "Frequent Flyers", their cost to the NHS and the potential for enhancing primary care management of patients with these chronic conditions has been published by Dr Foster.

The report (PDF available examines statistics for patients with one or more of 19 chronic diseases who were admitted to hospital 3 or more times in a year.

As well as this report The Guardian carries a leader and provides an interactive map which enables you to check out your local PCT (why there should be a particularly high rate of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease but no nutritional problems in my local area I'm not sure?)

Data also shows unsurprisingly that people most likely to be admitted were

"Families and pensioners who live in high rise flats and suffer from very high levels of social and economic deprivation, long term sickness and/or unemployment. Very few have qualifications or own a car."

while those least likely to be admitted 3 times in a year lived in areas of high land value & "They are likely to be members of the National Trust and the Women's Institute". (how long before they use the health giving properties of belonging to these organisations in their next recruitment campaigns?)

Dr Foster is a private company being paid by the DoH to analyse NHS data & then sell it back to NHS organisations in a "value added" format. This causes me some concerns!

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