Wednesday, March 16, 2005

? reduced posts for the next week

There may be less messages on this blog over the next week as I'm attending 2 conferences Education Steps and HC05 and I'm not sure what level of network access I will have available.

Most of my posts will be made on the HC05 conference blog - where you are welcome to comment and post your own thoughts whether you are attending the conference or not.

He@lth Information on the Internet - latest issue

Ingenta Select: table of contents -- He@lth Information on the Internet

The latest issue (Vol 43, Feb 05) is now available (via subscription) on the web. This issue includes;

TI: Information - rights and challenges
AU: Childs Sue

TI: Guide to dental resources on the Internet: Part 1
AU: Saha Shuva

TI: View from the front line: Email use and abuse
AU: Brown Harry

TI: Launch of the National Library for Health Web site
AU: Wilkie Fran

TI: Lifesign: making popular television work for online learning
AU: Garrison William

TI: Meeting the information needs of risk managers and clinical governance leads
AU: Murphy Jeannette

TI: What's new?
AU: Williamson Laurian

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

systematic review of decision support systems

systematic review of decision support systems

This review by Kensaku Kawamoto, Caitlin A Houlihan, E Andrew Balas and David F Lobach has been published in BMJ Online. It reports a review of 70 studies in the field and found decision support systems significantly improved clinical practice in 68% of trials.

The researchers identified 4 key factors; automatic provision of decision support as part of
clinician workflow, provision of recommendations rather than just assessments, provision of decision support at the time and location of decision making, and computer based decision support.
Of 32 systems possessing all four features, 30 (94%) significantly improved clinical practice.

Monday, March 14, 2005

CILIP | HLG Manifesto 2005/6

CILIP | HLG Manifesto 2005/6

The Health Libraries Group (part of the Chratered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) has published it's manifesto which aims to clarify the role of HLG and its future direction and aspirations, & is asking for comments and contributions by May 31 2005

Thinking Nurse: 'Blog Therapy' - An Evaluation of an Online Self-Help Phenomenon

Thinking Nurse: 'Blog Therapy' - An Evaluation of an Online Self-Help Phenomenon

This is an interesting article about the use of blogs as therapy.

It's well written by a student nurse, undertaking a learning disabilities course, and provides several interesting examples and a literature review of this emerging field, comparing the practice with private journal keeping which has been studied and advocated for some years.

A similar story was told by the Guardian in it's piece on Web Therapy on Feb 8th this year.