Saturday, October 16, 2004

Skills for Health

Skills for Health - Clinical InformaticsI'm currently participating as a member of a working group developing national occupational standards for clinical informatics as part of the knowledge and skills framework introduced by "agenda for change" in the NHS.

This builds on work for health informatics which has already been undertaken - our current targets are to examine the health informatics standards and see which ones are suitable for clinical informatics and whether any new standards are needed.

If anyone has any comments or ideas for this work please let me know.

NHSu & Wells review

Today I sent (fax because he doesn't have an email!) the following message to Dan Norris my local MP

Dear Dan Norris,

Following the recent outburst in the press etc earlier this week about the actual costs of implementation of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) in the NHS, I am surprised that no one seems to have picked up on the "Wells report" on the NHSU.

This was part of the Dept of Health "Arms Length Bodies" review and follows the problems with UKeU. For more information see:

I understand that 7 copies of the report (individually numbered and strictly controlled) have been printed and sent to ministers, but that no comment has yet been made.

In these times of "freedom of Information" etc I wonder if a question could be put to John Reid/John Hutton asking when this report will be published / put in the House of Commons library etc? or would this be more appropriate to the national audit office?

I suspect it will say that the £50 million approx. of taxpayers money, which has been spent over the last 2 years has bought "nothing but a bad reputation", and that the remit and activities of the NHSU should be scalled back or stopped completely, and that the money would be better spent with Stragic Health Authorities Workforce Development Consortia (WDCs), and that the secrecy and confusion around the operation of the NHSU was not a good way to operate.

Can you question the appropriate individuals/bodies?

Rod Ward

Friday, October 15, 2004

British Computer Society (BCS) Nursing Specialist Group

BCS Nursing Specialist Group Dame Phyllis Friend Award The closing date for this award which is open to all NSG members is 31st Oct 2004

AGW WDC - Education & Learning - IM&T Education, Training & Development

AGW WDC - Education & Learning - IM&T Education, Training & Development I've been asked to do a review of this Training Needs Analysis - if anyone has any comments please let me know.

Social Market Foundation - Choice and IT in Healthcare: Keynote Address: John Hutton, Minister of State for Health

Social Market Foundation - Choice and IT in Healthcare: Keynote Address: John Hutton, Minister of State for Health
Sounds like an interesting day

HC2005 Conference

HC2005 Conference There are only 10 days left to get your submission in for this conference

Wells report and the NHSU

NHSU: transforming learning I'm awaiting sight of the Wells report on the NHSu - which will decide its future direction and remit. I wonder if it is true that only 7 copies were printed and strictly controlled - surely as NHSU is ultimately paid for by tax payers money we should all have a right to see the report under the freedom of information act? see for the Times Higher Report

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