Friday, October 22, 2004

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | NHS fraud busters hit confidentiality snag

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | NHS fraud busters hit confidentiality snag
This article form the Guardian highlights potential (occasional) problems which may be caused if the NHS Counter Fraud and Security Management Service (CFSMS) wishes to access patient records and therefvore gets to see confidential information. This is already allowed for patient records but, because GPs are independant contractors rather than employees of the NHS no right currently exists for them to access these records.
This controversy highlights the ongoing tension between an individuals right to privacy and the "great good of society".

Thursday, October 21, 2004


NHSU - Selecting and implementing a Virtual Learning Environment
The NHSu has just published its guidance on Virtual learning Environments following work by Cumbria & Lancashire on behalf of the Strategic Health Authorities.

It includes an interactive demo & PDF guide - but i couldn't get the Word Document of "Statement of requirements(SOR) for a learning Management System (LMS) to download.

Implementation & NPfIT

An interesting observation was made a at a meeting I attended today..
As the NPfIT moves into it's implementation phase (admittedly at different speeds in different geographical & work areas) it is poignant to consider that amongst all the health informatics national occupational standards (119 in fact) there are none about implementation - loads about "identifying strategies etc" & "project management" but implementation is missing !!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

National Statistics Online - Articles - Public Service Productivity: Health

National Statistics Online - Articles - Public Service Productivity: Health
New stats from the ONS need to be carefully interpreted in any attempt to measure NHS productivity against expenditure.
The full document is at Major step towards measuring health service productivity and the emerging debate amongst the politicians about what the stats show is reflected by the Guardian Output figures show NHS decline

I doubt whether the debate will be resolved as the quantity and quality of the data is poor - and it is difficult to agree on outcome measures in this complex field.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Map of Medicine

I understand that a contract has been signed with the Fujitsu Alliance (southern cluster NPfIT) to deploy Map of Medicine. Does anyone have any thoughts on the advantages and disadvantages of this system?

Sunday, October 17, 2004

BBC NEWS | Health | GPs 'doubtful' about IT upgrade

BBC NEWS Health GPs 'doubtful' about IT upgrade
This File on 4 programme will be broadcast on Radio 4 on Tuesday 19 October at 2000 BST and repeated at 1700 BST on Sunday 24 October.
It follows last weeks debates about the real costs of NPfIT & reports a survey of doctors showing only 7% of the 500 GPs and hospital doctors felt they had been adequately consulted.

I bet the rates would be even lower for other professional groups.
The file on four web page is at and the audio file can be heard until Tues 26th Oct from
A PDF transcript is available at: