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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Public sector catches wikimania | Society | Public sector catches wikimania

An interesting article in today's Guardian by SA Mathieson reports on a few initial steps to use wikis by government and other public sector bodies. He suggests that a higher level of security and registration by users is needed when compared with Wikipedia, and that greater checking of what is typed, to restrict spam and vandalism. He also suggests that a greater technical knowledge will be needed amongst users and therefore blogs, moderated chats etc are more likely to dominate in the short term. The article does however suggest that "expert patients" may soon be adding to non-medical pages on NHS Direct Online.

Having been editing Wikipedia for a couple of years (see my user page) I would agree that some of the editing functions and conventions take a while to get your head around (certainly longer than blog software of even html) the potential for group collaboration which are offered by wikis are worth the effort.

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